Introductions and Elden Ring

Introductions are in Order

Gaming, and entertainment discourse as a whole is in a sorry state. It’s as if we’ve forgotten that this is all supposed to be fun. For the most part.

I want this publication to be about the medium and content itself. Something that is becoming sorely lacking in this space. All the anger….it’s exhausting. On all fronts.

I’m not saying I will never touch on the uncomfortable, or the controversial. I am just tired of fighting a never ending war. Even one that is sometimes fought by proxy. (I am looking at you Hogwarts Legacy).

Speaking of a topic that has no controversy, or unseemly irrational discourse attached to it what-so-ever!

Elden Ring

I’ve never played a Souls game until recently. Continuously smashing my head against brick walls, be it literally or proverbially, is not a pastime activity I enjoy. So I’ve steered clear of the genre for the most part.

But, when I saw Elden Ring getting compared to Breath of the Wild, by more than one outlet/personality, I couldn’t ignore that. Breath of the Wild quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. Almost unseating Ocarina of Time. BV\ut that is cemented by nostalgia and rose tinted glasses. So…good luck shaking that from the number one spot.

The comparison couldn’t be ignored. But I also couldn’t in good conscience lay out 60 bucks on a game that I may drop like a bad habit after only a couple of hours. I needed to test my resolve. Thankfully I had grabbed Bloodborne from PS+ a few years ago to give myself a taste of the genre.

At first I wasn’t getting anywhere. The combat felt good, and the challenge for the most part seemed fair. I knew each death was my fault. I just wasn’t getting it. The game wasn’t clicking, and I couldn’t get past the first Brick Troll after the group of hunters at the burning lycanthrope. But I yearned for more. I needed to get better.

A quick search on youtube for tips and tricks, and a journey into the rabbit hole of builds and weapons, I got it. The “how” of gameplay snapped in my brain. I was breezing through Central Yharnam. Hacking my way through Hunters, Beast Men, and crotchety old geezers in wheelchairs with a blunderbuss. A light went off, and I was well on my way.

I really wanted to dive deep into Bloodborne. Build my character and fight some Lovecraftian Gothic Hell Beasts. Really let my bonesaw fly!

Bonesaw’s ready!

But the call of the Elden Ring wouldn’t leave. I wanted to play this Breath of the Wild version of the genre. I thought I had a handle on it enough to give it a go. So I dropped by 60 dollars, and got started.

I don’t have a handle on it….not yet. But! I am having a blast. I am all in. And now I am back into the YouTube rabbit hole of stats, soft and hard caps, builds. It’s all so much. Yet, I am so on board.

Progress is slow and steady. I am working on a faith build with the Confessor class. I think I know what that means. Kinda. I just have to find myself some more incantations so I can sling fireballs like the rest of them. Make the other tarnished confess their sins with fire and brimstone.

I’ll update my thoughts and feelings as I progress through.

Who knew I’d enjoy smashing my head against a brick wall this much?




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An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a Taco Bell 7 Layer Crunch Wrap Supreme.

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